CCP Organization Dept Chief Highlights Five Criteria for Promoting Officials

In Nov. 16 article for state mouthpiece People’s Daily, Organization Department director Chen Xi identified five “prominent political standards” that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cadres must demonstrate under the Xi Jinping administration to be considered for promotion.  

The standards are:

  1. “Political loyalty”
  2. “Political staunchness”
  3. “Political responsibility”
  4. “Political capability”
  5. “Political self-discipline”  

The Organization Department oversees the appointment and removal of CCP cadres throughout the state system and identifies suitable cadres for high-level positions.

Our take:

  1. Chen Xi’s article on political standards signals to the CCP cadre corp that loyalty to Xi Jinping is is paramount for promotion.
  2. Chen Xi and Xi Jinping were once schoolmates in Tsinghua University’s chemical engineering department and have a close relationship. Xi favored Chen, as seen by his appointment to Organization Department deputy director at the 18th Party Congress, and his numerous promotions at the 19th Congress—Politburo member, Organization Department director, secretary of the Central Secretariat, and Central Party School principal.