2018 track record

How We Fared in Forecasting China in 2018 — Macro Mastery

To sidestep risk and succeed in China, businesses and policymakers need to get macro and geopolitical trends right. In 2018, SinoInsider correctly analyzed and anticipated several “big picture” trends and geopolitical developments concerning China in advance of the media, commentators, and other consultancies or think-tanks. While we initially appeared to miss some predictions, later events verified our forecasting to be

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How We Fared in Forecasting China in 2018 — Our 2018 Outlook

Imagine the risks you could avoid or the opportunities you could uncover from knowing that a Sino-U.S. trade war is “unavoidable” six months before tariffs were announced. Or how a January forecast that China’s economy will worsen over the year will affect your business decisions. SinoInsider called the above developments and more in our China outlook for 2018 published on

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China in 2018: Seven Points to Watch

There is a rising probability that China will face charging gray rhinos and encounter black swans in 2018. Politics is paramount in China, and the central factor influencing political stability in the past five years is the factional struggle between the Xi Jinping leadership and Jiang Zemin’s faction. China’s political scene is set to become more volatile in 2018 as

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