Jan. 2018: Sino-US trade war is “unavoidable.”  
  June 2018: Trump announces the first wave  
  of tariffs on Chinese goods.  

  Jan. 2019: America will raise tariff rates before June.  
  May 2019: Trump increases tariffs on $200 billion  
  of Chinese products from 10% to 25%.  

  We specialize in predicting CCP elite personnel movement,   
  Sino-US relations, and China-related geopolitics.  
  Our successful and exclusive political risk assessment model  
  is built on a deep understanding of the elite politics,   
  factional struggle, and operations of the Chinese Communist Party.   
  Our ability to decode China can help you sidestep risks,   
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  2012 was a volatile year in Chinese politics.   
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“SinoInsider’s research on the CCP examines every detail in great depth and is a very valuable reference. Foreign researchers will find SinoInsider’s research helpful in understanding what is really going on with the CCP and China.”

Researcher, The National Institute for Security Studies

“The forecasts of Prof. Chu-cheng Ming and the SinoInsider team are an invaluable resource in guiding our news reporting direction and anticipating the next moves of the Chinese and Hong Kong governments.”

Chan Miu-ling
Radio Television Hong Kong China Team Deputy Leader

“SinoInsider always publishes interesting and provocative work on Chinese elite politics. It is very worthwhile to follow the work of SinoInsider to get their take on factional struggles in particular.”

Lee Jones,
Reader in International Politics,
Queen Mary University of London

[SinoInsider has] been very useful in my class on American foreign policy because it contradicts the widely accepted argument that the U.S. should work cooperatively with China. And the whole point of the course is to expose students to conflicting approaches to contemporary major problems.

Roy Licklider
Adjunct Professor of Political Science
Columbia University

" As a China-based journalist, SinoInsider is to me a very reliable source of information to understand deeply how the CCP works and learn more about the factional struggle and challenges that Xi Jinping may face."

Sebastien Ricci
AFP correspondent for China & Mongolia

" SinoInsider offers an interesting perspective on the Sino-U.S. trade war and North Korea. Their predictions are often accurate, which is definitely very helpful."

Sebastien Ricci
AFP correspondent for China & Mongolia

" I have found SinoInsider to provide much greater depth and breadth of coverage with regard to developments in China. The subtlety of the descriptions of China's policy/political processes is absent from traditional media channels"

John Lipsky
Peter G. Peterson Distinguished Scholar
Kissinger Center for Global Affairs

" SinoInsider's in-depth and nuanced analysis of Party dynamics is an excellent template to train future Sinologists with a clear understanding that what happens in the Party matters."

Stephen Nagy
Senior Associate Professor
International Christian University

“ I find Sinoinsider particularly helpful in instructing students about the complexities of Chinese politics and what elite competition means for the future of the US-China relationship.”

Howard Sanborn
Virginia Military Institute

“ SinoInsider has been one of my most useful (and enjoyable) resources.”

James Newman
Former U.S. Navy cryptologist

“Professor Ming and his team’s analyses of current affairs are very far-sighted and directionally accurate. In the present media environment where it is harder to distinguish between real and fake information, SinoInsider’s professional perspectives are much needed to make sense of a perilous and unpredictable world. ”

Liu Cheng-chuan
Professor Emeritus, National Chiayi University

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