Founded in 2017, SinoInsider is a political risk consulting and research group headquartered in New York City.

We specialize in decoding and monitoring China’s political situation, factional struggles (neidou), and personnel movement at and above the provincial level.

Elite Chinese politics is the elephant in the room. Top officials set economic and social policy while influencing private firms through their underlings and network of influence (guanxi). This results in a perplexing web of cause and effect that is near impossible to navigate. To the undiscerning outsider, what may seem to be a well justified venture in China, can amount to dangerous risk-taking. Understanding the movement of Chinese officials and their political background is critical to success in China.

The rules of this political game is ever changing. Xi Jinping becoming China’s leader in 2012 and United State’s hawkish turn on China has added yet another level of complexity when it comes to doing business on the mainland. Companies and governments that fail to grasp the evolving rules and climate face huge risks.

Sinoinsider’s tried and tested research methodology allows us to forecast political changes in China and key personnel movement with unparalleled accuracy.

We provide businesses and governments with China political risk assessment, advisory, and advance warning services. We also hold education courses for business executives and professionals looking to better understand the inner workings of the Chinese Communist Party to stay ahead of the competition.

The Sinoinsider team is a completely independent and free from Chinese government influence. This is essential to our commitment in providing unadulterated information on China’s elite politics to our clients.

Our research and forecasting results

The 18th Party Congress in 2012 marked a political shift in China. Our experts observed from the congress results that the factional struggle between Hu Jintao and the Jiang Zemin faction had switched to a life-and-death tussle between Jiang and Xi Jinping.

Since the 18th Congress, Sinoinsider experts have accurately forecasted the fall of numerous high ranking officials including Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou, and Guo Boxiong. Our team also anticipated dozens of major critical developments in China, including the launch of the anti-corruption campaign and China’s military reforms.

In 2016, we predicted that Xi would implement military reforms and seek the title of Party “core” leader to consolidate and concretize his authority. We also accurately forecasted the reshuffling of several provincial Party secretaries.

In 2017, we forecasted the Politburo Standing Committee to emerge from the 19th Congress with 100 percent accuracy. We also predicted the 25-member Politburo and 204-member Central Committee with over 80 percent accuracy.

Our Team

Co-founder, CEO

Don Tse co-founded SinoInsider Consulting in early 2017 and is SinoInsider’s CEO and lead researcher. His expertise includes Chinese Communist Party elite politics and personnel movement, China’s domestic policy and macroeconomic trends, as well as China’s military affairs.

Don has given briefings on the CCP factional struggle behind the North Korean nuclear crisis to the Air University (United States Air Force) and the U.S. intelligence community. He has contributed to the Pentagon’s internal magazine, and his writings have appeared in The Diplomat, The National Interest, and Real Clear Defense. Don’s article, “China’s Americanized Military,” made The Diplomat’s “Best of 2017” list.

Before co-founding SinoInsider Consulting, Don worked for a large overseas Chinese media outlet for nearly ten years. When he headed the China news department from 2011 to 2014, he and his team accurately forecasted several high-profile purges, personnel reshuffles, and other key political developments in China.


Chu-cheng Ming
Nonresident Senior Fellow

Chu-Cheng Ming is a professor emeritus of political science at the National Taiwan University (NTU). He served as chairman of NTU’s Department of Political Science from 1999 to 2003, and president of the Chinese Association of Political Science (Taipei) from 2001 to 2004. Dr. Ming’s research specialization includes China’s domestic politics and foreign policy, cross-strait relations, and international relations.

Dr. Ming has served as a consultant to various government ministries and agencies in Taiwan on China’s domestic politics and policies towards the U.S. He was also a member of a task-force group advising the president of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on cross-strait ties. His writings have appeared in scholarly journals and other publications.