From Corporations to individuals, everything in China is tied to the political scene in China, virtually all issues in China are downstream from CCP elite politics.

While many talk about China, but there is very little genuine understanding of the Chinese Communist Party regime. Thus, China experts predict key political developments inaccurately and inconsistently, and later explain away their errors with the claim that “China is a black box.”

In the end, there an extreme shortage of true knowledge about the CCP in the expert community.

In other words, everyone is driving blindfolded on China. When the crash comes, no one knows what hit them.

So, understanding elite politics is the key to unlocking China’s “black box”, which is where SinoInsider comes into play.


Why should I be concerned about political risk in China?

China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, a Leninist organization that enacts top-down control over society. That is why virtually all issues in China, including economics, finance, and geopolitics, are affected by CCP elite politics. And at the core of elite politics are vicious “you die, I live” factional struggles within the Party.

Given the paramount role of the Party and elite politics on the mainland, assessing political risk should be the number one priority for businesses, investors, and governments concerned with China.

Why should I choose SinoInsider?

We are the gold standard in forecasting and analyzing CCP elite politics, Sino-U.S. relations, and China-related geopolitics.

Why is SinoInsider able to predict and analyze China with such precision?

Our experts have collectively spent decades researching China and the Communist Party. We have a thorough grasp of how the CCP thinks and operates. We also deeply understand Party culture, elite politics, and how political power is wielded in the CCP. Finally, we recognize that China and the Communist Party are not one and the same.

Our expertise allows us to decode Partyspeak, see through fraudulent official data, interpret open source information, and produce cutting edge analysis and forecasting.

How can SinoInsider help me?

Our analyses and predictions on China, Sino-U.S. relations, and other China-related issues can help businesses and investors sidestep risks and discover opportunities ahead of competitors.


SinoInsider always publishes interesting and provocative work on Chinese elite politics. It is very worthwhile to follow the work of SinoInsider to get their take on factional struggles in particular.”

Lee Jones, Reader in International Politics, Queen Mary University of London