Scrapped Anti-corruption Column Foreshadows Wang Qishan’s Future

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) official website issued its final “Learn, Think, and Understand” (xue xi jian wu) column the night before the CCDI’s 8th plenary session on Oct. 9.

Why it matters: Anti-corruption chief Wang Qishan launched the CCDI website in 2014 to allow the CCDI to control its own propaganda messaging and circumvent the Jiang Zemin faction-controlled propaganda apparatus. The “Learn, Think, and Understand” column is widely perceived to be a channel for Wang to broadcast his views on anti-corruption matters.

Our take: The CCDI ending its online column could be an indication that Wang will leave the anti-corruption agency at the 19th Party Congress.

SinoInsider believes that Wang may move on to head the National Supervisory Commission (NSC), a new anti-corruption body with greater jurisdiction than the CCDI. Some of the CCDI’s duties could also be shifted to the NSC.  

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