19th Party Congress Forecast: Politburo and Expanded Politburo Scenario

◎ Presenting our Politburo and expanded Politburo forecast.

On Oct. 24, the last day of the 19th Party Congress, elections will be held for the new Central Committee, the top 200 plus officials in China.

Afterward, the Central Committee of the 19th Congress will hold its first plenary session and elect the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary, the Politburo and its Standing Committee, and the Central Military Commission (CMC) committee members.

In our 19th Congress forecast on Oct. 10, we wrote that Xi Jinping may increase the number of Politburo slots in order to get more trusted officials into top office. If Xi adds more CMC vice chairs to the Politburo, the number of non-military Politburo officials will have to be increased accordingly. Thus, we’ve come up with a 25~35 Politburo member list.

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