Kim Gets No Well-wishes From China on North Korea Anniversary

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un received a congratulatory telegram from Russia’s Vladimir Putin for his regime’s 69th anniversary but China’s Xi Jinping sent no well-wishes, according to South Korean media.

Korean media also reported that Beijing is clamping down on smuggling activity along the Sino-North Korean border, paralyzing underground trade.

Payback? We have reason to believe that N. Korea’s nuclear provocations are orchestrated by Xi’s factional rivals who are Kim’s Chinese political backers.

Xi’s congratulatory telegram snub and Beijing’s targeting of smuggling activities along the North Korean border could be a small payback for the nuclear test hours before Xi’s opening address at the BRICS annual summit on Sept 3.

Bottomline: Xi Jinping doesn’t have a relationship with Kim Jong Un, and is striving to eliminate the Jiang Zemin faction, who have long been supporting the Kim family. North Korea will have no protection from the China should Kim cross the nuclear red line.