Special Report: Coronavirus Pushes CCP Factional Struggle to Inflection Point


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Report outline:

– The political rules of the game in the People’s Republic of China have shifted several times since Xi Jinping took office in 2012.

  • The first shift occurred in 2013 with the introduction of the anti-corruption campaign.
  • The second shift took place in 2018 when Xi scrapped term limits for the PRC presidency.
  • The coronavirus outbreak appears to have triggered a third shift in 2020.

– Xi’s February remarks on biosecurity in the regime and his admitting knowledge of the coronavirus nearly a fortnight before the central government official confirmed the epidemic signal that the factional struggle in the CCP has shifted from “you die, I live” (你死我活) to “perish together” (同歸於盡).

– The third shift in the political rules of the game in the PRC has far-reaching implications for CCP elite politics and the Sino-U.S. relationship.

– Businesses, investors, and governments must recognize what the shift in the political rules of the game to mitigate Black Swan risks and seize opportunities.

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This report deep-dives into Xi’s mid-February coronavirus remarks and explains why they signal a shift in the political rules of the game in the PRC. This report also examines the far-reaching implications of the shift for CCP elite politics and Sino-U.S. relations.


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Baterdene, Researcher, The National Institute for Security Studies (Mongolian)

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Sebastien Ricci, AFP correspondent for China & Mongolia

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John Lipsky, Peter G. Peterson Distinguished Scholar, Kissinger Center for Global Affairs

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Howard Sanborn, Professor, Virginia Military Institute

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