2019: A Waterloo Year for China and the United States


Report outline:

  • Why 2019 is a decisive year in the ongoing “cold war” between the CCP and the United States.
  • How we believe the Sino-U.S. showdown will shape out in 2019.
  • Which side has the advantage in the tussle? A strategic evaluation based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War.
  • The risks and opportunities to watch out for in 2019 for businesses, investors, and governments.



The CCP has been waging a “cold war” against the United States for decades, prompting American response in recent years.

SinoInsider believes that the PRC and the U.S. will engage in decisive battle in 2019 to avoid a Waterloo and secure the future.

This report is based on our research and understanding of the macro situation. Our track record includes anticipating China’s economic, political, and geopolitical trends with a very high degree of accuracy (85%) in 2018. We are also directionally accurate in predicting developments in Sino-U.S. relations and other international matters throughout 2018.

As Sino-U.S. relations become more tumultuous in 2019, businesses, investors, and governments must grasp what is at stake to sidestep risks and seize opportunities.