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Our unrivaled forecasting track record is a testament to our experts' exceptional skill at reading the political winds in Beijing.


Our authoritative analysis is based on a unique political risk assessment model that involves decoding Party speak and making sense of open source information.


Our training courses and other services present an unfiltered view of China, allowing clients to make more informed business and policy decisions while avoiding hidden risks.

Decoding China's black box

Chinese Communist Party elite politics is upstream of nearly all issues in China today. And at the core of elite politics are factional struggles within the Party. Understanding factional struggle is key to making sense of China under Xi Jinping.   Our experts have long researched CCP factional struggles and have operations, and developed a unique analytical model. Using this model, we have forecasted personnel movements during Xi’s tenure with a very high degree of accuracy.

Personnel movements

  • We correctly predicted all seven Politburo Standing Committee members of the 19th Party Congress.
  • We predicted the 204-member Central Committee named at the 19th Congress with a very high degree of accuracy (81%). We are the only organization that attempted to forecast all Central Committee appointments.
  • We were the first to predict the appointment of Wang Qishan as Chinese vice president at the 2018 edition of the Two Sessions meeting, six months before Wang secured the job.
  • We correctly predicted all four State Council vice premiers named at the Two Sessions.
  • We predicted the over 100 high-level personnel appointments at the Two Sessions with a very high degree of accuracy (over 70%). We are the only organization that attempted to forecast all key ministerial-level appointments in the state apparatus.


Foiled coups

  • In Sept. 2017, we said that Sun Zhengcai, General Fang Fenghui, and General Zhang Yang were “vanished” because they were involved in a coup against the Xi leadership.   Subsequently, senior CCP officials accused Sun of trying to “usurp the Party leadership.”

China and global geopolitical trends

SinoInsider’s authoritative analysis of China translates into accurate forecasting of global geopolitical trends.   Our experts forecasted the Sino-U.S. trade war months before it became official. We are also on track with predictions of the North Korean peace and denuclearization process.

Sino-U.S. relations

  • We analyzed on Jan. 2, 2018 that a Sino-U.S. trade war is “unavoidable.”
  • We analyzed in early 2018 that China cannot withstand a trade war with the U.S., and that the CCP will make concessions under the guise of “reform and opening up.”
  • We analyzed in May and June 2018 why the Trump administration would likely put ZTE on “probation” due to national security concerns instead of keeping the business ban. In late June, the U.S. Commerce Department removed the business ban and placed new sanctions on ZTE that are akin to a “probation.”
  • We are among the first to observe that the U.S. would change its China’s policy and reshape the CCP-hijacked world order.
  • We are the first to observe a coming ideological turn in U.S. policy on China.

North Korea

  • After Kim Jong-un secretly visited China on March 26, 2018, we predicted coming peace and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
  • On March 29, 2018, we predicted that Kim will likely carry out “reform and opening up.”
  • We predicted that the first Trump-Kim summit would still be held in June after Trump cancelled it on May 24, 2018. The summit was later held as scheduled.

The Rules About China Have Changed

Xi Jinping has purged the Communist Party and shaken up its operations since taking office in 2013. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has shifted the U.S. policy on China from “engagement” to “strategic competition.”   The rules of the game have changed. And the old playbook is no longer applicable.   SinoInsider has an unparalleled track record in forecasting China and its geopolitics because we deeply understand Chinese Communist Party elite politics and operations. Our unique political risk assessment model allows us to decode the black box of CCP elite politics using publicly available information and make accurate forecasts. Accurate China forecasting also allows us to anticipate global geopolitical trends ahead of the curve.   As China and the world enter a new geopolitical era, SinoInsider’s analysis and services become essential for clients to sidestep risks, uncover opportunities, and gain first-mover advantage.