Our consulting and research services

We specialize in analyzing and monitoring China’s political situation, including CCP factional struggle (neidou) and provincial-level and above personnel movement.

Our risk assessment services can help firms in China to spot hidden risks and illuminate opportunities.

Our services include:

Provincial political risk monitoring

  • Covers 31 provinces and 15 sub-provincial cities.
  • Identify Party and state leadership factional relations.
  • Identify local economic and political relations.
  • Track job movement of officials.
  • Track key societal developments.

Provincial level official career monitoring

  • Identify factional connections of officials.
  • Official career risk assessment.
  • Frequently updated.

Custom consulting and research topics

  • Political and economic situation analysis.
  • Provincial political risk assessment.
  • Detailed personnel risk assessment.
  • Geopolitical risk assessment.


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